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I have conducted extensive research on the history of Japanese quilting and have written a book on the subject.
"Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters: The Story of an American Import"

My posts from Japan:
Read about how Little House on the Prairie influenced Japan

Meet some of the Famous faces from: Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival 2016

TRAVEL TIP: The Japan Rail Pass. Buy one before you go! Read my post about it here


Want to go fabric shopping in Japan?
Visit Nippori Textile Town - read more here

Japanese Yukata Cotton - read all about it here

Yukata is a summer kimono and this gorgeous fabric is perfect for quilting.
Shop online for Yukata fabric here: Okan Arts.

Looking for Japanese Fabric Online? 

Willow Lane Quilting Company has Japanese taupes, patterns, kits tools and more!

Check out Miss Matatabi on Etsy.

For vintage, very cool, imported Yukata, go to Okan Arts Shop. These are prefect for quilting cottons! 

Superbuzzy is another source. They have a good selection of Japanese prints... including lots of Echino fabric - a popular Japanese designer.

Glorious Color carries Yuwa fabrics designed by Keiko Goke.


My quilt was featured on Keiko Goke's website.


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